Aberdeen Gardens
Historic Museum

The Aberdeen Gardens Historic Museum is one of the original 158 homes built in the community. Originally owned by Ferdinand and Ethel Dupree, the home located at 55 Mary Peake Boulevard was one of two adjoining homes purchased to interpret Aberdeen Gardens’ history. It was restored as the Aberdeen Gardens Historic Museum and dedicated in 2002. The museum depicts an original home with furnishings donated by original residents. The adjacent house at 57 Mary Peake Blvd. serves as the museum’s administration building. The museum house represents a pivotal time in American history when the African American working class had little. This community–and the museum representing it–is a symbol of hope and prosperity.

President Roosevelt play a key role in developing Aberdeen and former residents include former Secretary of Energy Hazel O’Leary, several professional football players, the Ambassador to South Africa, Madagscar and Tobago, 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist Francena McCrory, former NBA star Allen Iverson, as well as several former Hampton mayors and city council members.